Thursday, August 11, 2011

Pocono Raceway - Nascar Dials Down Both Pocono Races to 400 Miles

Throughout the last few years there has been many from NASCAR calling for change within its stops at Poconco Raceway. The drivers have been campaigning this the most as the 500 mile race is long and draining for drivers. The 2.5 mile track has had two 500 mile races since it's opening, and for the first time, on June 10, 2012, it will feature a 400 mile race.

As NASCAR faces financial challenges and keeping the grandstands full, some thought Pocono was endangered to losing an entire race, or being cut out of the circuit completely. The track only features NASCAR's Sprint Cup Series and ARCA. It does NOT host a race of either of NASCAR's other featured series, Nationwide or the Craftsman Truck Series. Leaving a dull weekend come race week.

Although the intial thoughts from fans are negative being that races will be shorter... the racing might prove otherwise. A condensed race at such a track should lead to more action and intensity. 500 miles at Pocono allows a lot of time for drivers to methodically move up through the field. 400 miles forces the field to change their strategy and make their move quicker.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Brett Favre...Now Tim Tebow... The Miami Rumor Machine

Now that Brett Farve has expressed that he has no interest in joining the Miami Dolphins, the latest talk of solving the Quarterback issue in Miami (or lack thereof) is centering around Tim Tebow. Of course this draws interest to fans in Florida, as Tim Tebow's jersey is among the highest selling in the NFL, while he has one year of NFL experience, most of that year, he spent keeping a clipboard off of the ground and sporting a headset.

But really?? Is Tim Tebow the answer for the Miami Dolphins?? In a division that is ruled by two of the NFL's elite teams, the New England Patriots and the New York Jets, one of which boasts arguably the best quaterback the game has seen for quite some time (no Fireman Ed...not Mark Sanchez), would the Dolphins really be in position to compete with Tim Tebow as they field general?

It goes without saying that he would be an emotional leader... but when it comes to reading complex NFL defenses... can he be the "guy"?

Sure, its one thing when "Superman" was dominating the college football world and padding stats against Charleston Southern and Troy. But, and in this is matter of opinion (sarcasm), it may not be the same as facing professional athletes running schemes drawn up by Bill Belichek and Rex Ryan. The college football world witnessed first hand how Nick Saban hand delivered Tim Tebow a healthy serving of kryptonite in the SEC Championship in 2009, I wouldn't expect anything different in the NFL.

No one can question Tim Tebow's heart and his drive, but he technical skills, his mechanics are a different story. The Miami Dolphins shouldn't take the risk.

Monday, August 8, 2011

It's Time To Bust the Blog Out...

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